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(*See descriptions for group classes and private  instruction below.)

LYLI  LIT offers exceptional English and French programs after school and on the weekend. Founded upon solid pedagogy, our courses, customized private and semi-private classes as well as our workshops promote the use of effective methods, particularly with respect to language acquisition.

Special emphasis is placed on oral communication not only to develop the student’s verbal agility, but to strengthen all the other language competencies of reading, writing and listening. We aim to help our students increase their power of expression quicker than usual and provide the attention they need. To this end, our mission ensures that classes are small, allowing a maximum of 8 students for regular classes.  

LYLI also provides consulting as well as curriculum design for educational institutions interested in providing quality foreign language programs. In addition to the training we provide teachers, we create workshops for parents and students on the various French programs offered in Ontario, on language acquisition in general, and on life skills such as effective communication, organization and time management. Follow LYLI.  She knows the way!


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ALT    A Lot of Talk:  Grades 3-5

Do you like to talk? Do you want to keep talking en français after school? Très bien!! This course is ideal if you want to improve your ability to speak French as well as your ability to comprehend authentic spoken French.

FYF   Fix Your French:  Grade 9 Core French

Does more need to be said? Strap yourselves in your seats and hold on tight during this concentrated but very beneficial review of French. This  quick fix is offered at different times throughout the school year. Alternatively, you can take FYF  over the March break. 

ITN    In The News:  Grades 9-12  (Offered in English and French.)

With the primary focus on intellectual expression in French, ITN will equip you with the vocabulary and expressions to discuss “cutting edge” news that’s “making the headlines”. You’ve just seen or read the “latest updates” in French. Did you understand that “the stock market might crash”, somebody was “sued”, “bribed” “blackmailed” or “framed”? The "airplane was highjacked" and so and so was "sacked"... Yes, we will deal with register so you don't bring that street talk into the news room. And, there’s good news too! That “awesome touchdown”, that “landslide victory”, "the glorious sunny day", and "the government is subsidizing more language programs because French learning is on the rise”?! ITN will improve your French language skills as you comment, debate and articulate your opinions on various events around the world with the odd “commercial break”. So “stay tuned” for the “hot off the press” details of all you will gain in this enriching course.

JFT    Just For Teachers (Offered to teachers who have 1-4 years of experience teaching French.)

If you are a relatively new teacher who invested time in learning French and now feel you have no time to hone your own skills, you might enjoy this casual conversation class. We can talk shop, share best practices or whatever you like en français, bien sûr ! Coffee and cookies are provided:)

*For teachers who are currently completing a Bachelor of Education or have been teaching for 4 years or less.

MAD   Moms and Dads

Are you just a bit mad that you spent all that time in French class and can’t really hold a conversation today? It’s time to take back what should have been yours: a decent level of proficiency in one of Canada’ s official languages. *Special rate applies for LYLI’s parents.

MTC   More Than Core (Pre-IB Preparation):  Grades 6-8

Are you planning to enter the IB Program in Grade 9 and take the entrance test that some schools require?

This is the course that will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need as it considers the expectations of the Ontario French curriculum and helps you achieve the level of language required for the Pre-IB test. If you are a Core French student who wants to go beyond your regular French program and increase your confidence in French before you get to Grade 9, this course will put you also on the path to success!

Students who take all 3 parts of this program complete the requirements for the A2 level according to CEFR. Initial B1 concepts and content are also covered before students exit the program. 

NSF    No Summer School French:  Grade 9 Core

Where will you be this summer when the sun is shining? If you don’t have a good plan to improve your French, NSF can help! Non-sufficient French should no longer be your theme. Instead, start thinking: “No summer school French for me!” The grade 9 Ontario French learning outcomes will be covered so hopefully you can make the grade before summer starts. Then, you can tell your Guidance Department you have enough French in your arsenal now, and to cancel that summer school course you had planned to take!

*You may also wish to sign up for FYF (Fix Your French) offered during March Break.

SOS     Support On Sundays (Offered in the Spring.)

SOS is a total review service we provide because we know your French exam is coming up. If you and a group of classmates in any French Program (Applied, Academic, Extended French or French Immersion) need us to help prepare you for success on exam day, you can book a study room and expert in advance. Get the skills, drills and review to tackle the final challenge of the school year! Phone or email us to book your space, time and coach.  

WTR    Work To Rule:   Grades 9-12 (ESL version of this course also is offered.)

“There’s a glitch in the computer, and I can’t process your application so, I’m going to go shred some paper.” Can you say that in French? It’s time to go way beyond the classroom if you plan to rule the workforce… with your French. From the job interview to the office, from the mail room to the court room, you will learn what it takes to be a professional and rule in the French-working world.                                         

WORKSHOPS:    "How Do You Get Them to Speak?"        “M-Powered to Teach!” (The Methods, Materials, Mastery & Motivation)  

"Don't Waste Time!"     "The Code For Correction" (Equipping Students With A Tool To Increase Linguistic Accuracy)     

“Let's Get Real!” (The Reality of Spoken French: Speech Segmentation and Authenticity In Oral Communication) 

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*Emphasis is placed on public-speaking in all classes.

DST, DST-IB Don't Stop Talking

As the title indicates, the sole aim of this class to improve your ability to speak French. While you will most likely leave us breathless, the good news is that this selection is only 30 minutes long unless you are an IB student.   For added intensity, you can book your DST lesson twice a week to get into verbal shape more quickly depending on your French or English language goals. LYLI considers the format and criteria of evaluation for the IB Internal Assessment Oral Component for IB students taking Ab initio or French Language B who register for this course.

CSI    Customized Semi-Private Instruction

Find some friends with similar goals whose level of French or English is close to yours. Tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen! *Our semi-private service is offered to 3 people maximum. We can, however, customize a class for a larger group.

DPI    Discount Private Instruction

Ever tried to diet for a day and expect results? It is more beneficial to book a package of 8 private lessons so we help you achieve your goals -at a discounted rate. 

SPI    Single Private Instruction

Although we are confident we can take you to the next level in our courses, we do understand the need to slip in and out at a more convenient time and understand you might have a very specific need that can be met in one single lesson.  SPI is ideal for students who want to go solo just one time or on an as-needed basis. *No company required.

VPI    Value Private Instruction

VPI is  offered to LYLI’s students.  Ask us about details.


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