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Imagine one of these in your French classroom! Otherwise, you might like to check back here from time to time because more materials are coming!! *Prices can be found below.

We like this one. C'est chouette!


Here's another one.


1. Email: [email protected] specifying which poster you would like. 

2. Pick up your poster(s) in person. Let us know when you are able to come by. (In some cases we can deliver the poster to you.)  Our e-commerce site is  coming. In the meantime, we will provide coffee to help make the trip more worthwhile. If you come on the right day, we might have cookies too.

3. Provide payment: cash or e-transfer to: [email protected], adding "POSTER" in the subject line.

If you  like what you see and are viewing this from some distant country, that is very exciting!  Please email us anyway, and we will see what we can do depending on where you live. Or, if you come to Toronto, please visit us!

PRICES: [email protected] $15 [email protected] $26 or [email protected] $33  (*Please add  HST.)

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